Do you ship to PO Box?

Yes we do.

For optimal delivery service, please include both your PO Box number and a physical street address for the shipping address. Orders with only a PO Box in the shipping address can only be sent via USPS and may take up to 12 business days for delivery.

Here's how "street addressing" with USPS P.O. boxes works. Instead of putting "P.O. Box 100" as the street address, box holders can now use the street address of the post office followed by the box number.

For example, "1000 Main St #100", 1000 Main St being the street address of the post office where P.O. Box 100 is located. The USPS will deliver mail addressed in this manner to the P.O. box. Note: You must follow the USPS guidelines for "street addressing" or the item will be returned to the sender. For example, you cannot use "suite" or "apt" or "room" before the box number in the street address.

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